Custom SSIS Mapping Help

Hi Guys,

I need help and advice. I am thinking to SSIS Template for me to use over and over.
My destination will always same. However, Source will change time to time. I am thinking is it
is it possible If I have table (Destination_Table) and Column should be all destination fields.
and configure and maap the table to insert the row.

Then read header and mapping read from the table. So next time new file comes, just configure
the table and that's it.

Please advise me, is this possible and how.

Thank You.

Yes you can have a dynamic source connection. It can read a table. You can even loop through the rows. Plenty of articles out there on how to do a dynamic connection that reads from a table...

Thank You Tara for your help. I couldn't find any good site or example after googling. Can you point me to a good website or example for this ?

I get lots of good hits when I google for it: