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Custom modifications to Ola's script


Hi, guys!

I'm using SQL Server Backup solution from Ola and we choose to backup our databases on a network storage. Also we choose to check Verify option but one small issue seems to appear in logs:

"...The path specified by "E:<path\FileName.mdf>" is not in a valid directory." Same thing for .ldf and .ndf files.

Ok, so I need to insert this lines into stored procedure:

MOVE 'DatabaseName'
TO '\\FileName.mdf'...
So far so good. The problem is that my skills are pretty low on programming and I tried a little to figure out where I can insert above lines but no results!

Is anybody who had same problem or someone of you is kind to help me on this?

Thanks, guys!


I think Ola's scripts are "heavy".

Would Minion Backup do what you want? For me its much more "what most people want" than Ola's scripts, whereas for me Ola's scripts are "Fully, and easily, customisable by a skilled DBA"


Kristen, hello again!

I didn't spent time on Minion Backup at all. I want to do this on my free time and when I have no open projects. :slightly_smiling:

I decided to go with Ola's solutions because I used them in the past on my last job and it was ok. In fact, I didn't reached so many obstacles as I did here.

Have a nice day.


In that case I think if you get to the point where you are having to modify the SQL inside Ola's SProcs you should ask Ola to consider making the modification (e.g. to fix the bug you have found, or to provide the additional functionality you want).

If you make a change to the SQL (rather than just some parameters / config settings) you are going to have to a) debug that [without intimate knowledge of all of the workings of Ola's scripts) and b) retro re-fit that after every update from Ola

I'm not very familiar with Ola's scripts, but I don't think you should be having to make code changes for file locations etc. as, I think, Ola would intend you to do that via a Config option, not a source code change.


Hi everyone.

We figured out what is wrong with that message. It seems the user under job is running doesn't have permission on folder where .ndf file is locating. Now it's working.

Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. :slight_smile: