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CTTraceDetail table is Empty


I have loaded several trace log files from SQL Server 2012 and can use the GUI to see the summary data, but I was trying to look at some of the detail via the ClearTrace database and noticed my CTTraceDetail table is empty. Is this a feature yet to be developed? or am I doing something incorrectly when loading the trace files?


That table isn't populated in the current builds. I just got too large to keep. Look in the summary table. That has the trace detail grouped by login, computer, and application. That's all I've usually needed.


Thank you for the info, I was looking for variances in induvial run times that are lost in the summary table.


Ah. I'm afraid that's a problem I wasn't trying to solve :slight_smile: Would something like Query Store work for that? It does a good job grouping SQL together to find common statements.


I understand.. I am not familar with Query Store but will look it up.

Thank you for help.

JJ McHargue (edited to remove phone number)