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CTTraceDetail table is Empty

I have loaded several trace log files from SQL Server 2012 and can use the GUI to see the summary data, but I was trying to look at some of the detail via the ClearTrace database and noticed my CTTraceDetail table is empty. Is this a feature yet to be developed? or am I doing something incorrectly when loading the trace files?

That table isn't populated in the current builds. I just got too large to keep. Look in the summary table. That has the trace detail grouped by login, computer, and application. That's all I've usually needed.

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Thank you for the info, I was looking for variances in induvial run times that are lost in the summary table.

Ah. I'm afraid that's a problem I wasn't trying to solve :slight_smile: Would something like Query Store work for that? It does a good job grouping SQL together to find common statements.

I understand.. I am not familar with Query Store but will look it up.

Thank you for help.

JJ McHargue (edited to remove phone number)