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Creating Multiple Clustered Instances with 2 Node SQL 2014 Cluster


Hi, I have a 2 Node active-passive SQL 2014 Cluster.

Currently, there are 4 Shared Disks on this Cluster - 2 for Quorums and 2 - 1 each for Data and Log. (This is what I see on the Cluster Manager).

Now I would like to add one more instance on the same Cluster. How do I go about doing this?

I attempted going to Node 1 - and initiating the SQL Cluster Installation, but after a few steps, I got a Cluster Validation Error and I had to come out. Infact, after that - all permissions for the SQL Service Account was removed from the SQL Data folder (where you have all MDF, LDF files) and it was a big headache to bring it back!

I dont want to have any scenario like this again and hence would like to know the proper and correct steps to do this.

Please advise!


You cannot, each SQL cluster instance should be running on its own shared disks, otherwise it cannot failover on its own without bring down the other one. So all you needed is have 3 more disks (1 quorum & 2 data), then run your setup again and use the new drives as the data store. That would work for you.

Hope this helps


Hi it may help yours. Go through this article, where you will learn how to install and how to create a multiple clustered instance with 2 node SQL Server Cluster. http://www.sqlshack.com/sql-server-2014-install-a-clustered-instance-step-by-step-33/