Creating a small help desk ticket system using our SQL Server

We have a SQL Server sitting in the basement of the office with very much space available.
We are a mess with our help desk 'system' - we use emails to outlook. I was thinking to use the SQL Server. My question is, in what language to write the front end. I don't want to use ACCESS.

I don't want to use a free public service like freshdesk as our data is very Hippa sensitive.

The system is very simple something like:
Ticket #
and to have drop downs for the various types of issues, workers, etc.

Don't. Just buy a cheap package that does that. It'll end up costing you less.

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I would in a flash. Just one thing, where I work are the cheapest non - profit, you can ever imagine.
They went out and bought a lemon of an EHR and wont pay for a connection to the ODBC, they would rather have almost no automated reports.

Also, I am a tad bored and looking for something challenging to do. I have to alot of admin stuff like unlock users, print for them in one version of the EHR because the new version prints horribly, etc.

This lists several free packages -- just implementing such a package would give you plenty to do :-).

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here is one we have used in the past. can be connected to you AD also