Create total and grand total

want to create db invoicesolutions with table invoice with details below

Please provide DDL and sample data

The above table is all
• Create a DB table for the products, containing the products details (ie: unit price, and available quantity)
• The products appear in auto complete text box
• The user select an item
• The user enter the required item count
• If the user entered an item count, greeter than the available quantity, the system will show an error message, and cancel the action
• When the user leaves the text box of item quantity, the system calculates the total price for this item, then the system calculates the total invoice price for all items
• Allow the user to save\read the invoice to\from the database

Please provide sample data not as an image but as

Create table sample

Insert into sample

This looks like classwork/homework - if so, please provide what you have attempted so far and where you are having issues with the assignment.