Create Student Marks Sheet with data stored row wise

Dear Team.

I have two tables in SQL Server (Personal_Info and Paper_Detail). The Personal_Info table contains the student personal information data and its Primary key is RollNo. The Paper_Detail contains the detail paper result information and it has RollNo as Foreign Key and RollNo, Paper_ID and Term_Number as a Primary Key.

Please see attached screenshot for sample structure of the database.

I need the SQL query which will generate the record in required output as shown in attached screenshot


Term_Number = 1 means Theory-I
Term_Number_ = 2 means Theory-II
Term_Number = 3 means Practical
Paper_ID means Subject Name

Thank you.

cant scrape data frim screen shot. can you please post sample data as
create table xyz(column1 date, ....etc)

insert into table xyx
select getdate(), etc....

This sounds like homework of some type. Why don't you post your own try at it and maybe we can help you from there.