Create linked server with a different windows authentication account than mine

Hi community,

From my SQL db, I need to access a SQL db using a linked server, with a windows authentication account different than mine.

Any idea!

Hold shift key and right click on your SSMS icon. This should come up.

Click on Run as different user. Login as the user you want to authenticate as and create linked server.
Use the Be made using the login's current security context.

Close ssms and see if that works?

Read this :

Hi Yosiasz,

I tried that already and got THE ERROR 18456 SAYING " error saying Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON' ". Maybe I also need to be logged in on my machine with that other user!

Thanks for trying to help me.

I assume that you want to run as yourself, but impersonate another user when crossing the linked server?

Can you script out the linked server and post what you've got? And please don't post anything sensitive?

Basically at the top of the dialog box to create the linked server, you put in a mapping. Put your own account, and then the account you want to impersonate.

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