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Create Execution account

When use report builder to create an report with external images, the images does show in the design mode . Once I run the report only red X's are displayed.
After much research I think I need to create an attended execution account. I have read and tried MSDN instructions here.
I cannot figure out what domain user account to use or how to create one. According to the article it should be different than the one used for the Report Server service. I use the following in SQL Server Management Studio to connect to my database (server type : Database Engine, server name : GIDEON-E-LAPTOP\SQLEXPRESS2014, autentication : Windows authentication). I am using Microsoft SQL 2016.

Can someone please help a beginner - I think I am going slightly mad with confusion.

How do I do that? I am a beginner.

I think the easiest thing to do here, as it appears you are running on your personal laptop, is to create a new user locally in your computer management mmc, then follow the three steps under "How to Configure the Account" from the link you provided.

Does this help?