Create a table for both winning and losing oscar movies + changing the column name


I have a database which consists of three tables; movies, oscars and daily (which contains the daily gross).
I have to find out if there is a relationship between the daily gross of oscar winning and oscar losing movies.
I have already combined those three tables, but now I want to create a table which consists of 2 columns, one for winning movies and one for losing movies and the numbers inside should be the gross.

There is a column in the oscars table which is named 'winning'. If the value is 1.0, the movie has won, is it is NaN, the movie has lost.
How do I select the losing movies, because I winning != 1.0 or winning = 'NaN' in the query does not work...

Hope someone can help me!

The winning column must be a character datatype to hold 'NaN' so winning <> 1.0 won't work as it will try to do a numeric compare.
winning = 'NaN' should work so there's something you aren't telling us.
How are you viewing the data and is it sql server.
Is maybe the column numeric but NaN is a representation of null?
In which case try winning is not null.

Not going to address the rest until we've confirmed that.

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I tried winner IS NULL, this worked for me! Thanks!