Create a range of numbers excluding numbers


Let's say I want to generate a range of numbers knowing the start and the length.
@Start = 1482
@length = 10
@excludeNumbers = '87,88,89'

My result should exclude numbers ending with the list of exclusion
Any Idea, thanks!

You can do a lot of ways, but this is one.

declare @start int = 1480
declare @length int = 10
declare @exclude varchar(20) = '80,83'
;WITH Nums(Number) AS
(SELECT @start AS Number
 SELECT Number+1 FROM Nums where Number<@start + @length -1
select * 

from Nums a 
left join (select * from string_split(@exclude,',') ) b
on convert(varchar(10),a.Number) like '%' +  b.value
where b.value is null
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i have done this in a different way ...please correct me if i am missing anything
it may be a better or worse solution ( its not a dynamic solution )
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declare @Start int = 1482
declare @length int = 10
declare @excludeNumbers varchar(20) = '87,88,89'

; with cte as 
select @Start as N
union all 
select N+1 from cte where N+1 < @Start+@length+3
select * from cte 
where (N%100) not in (87,88,89)


This is it, Thanks a lot! :wink:

Using a recursive CTE with a larger set is very inefficient.