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Copy or relate tables from one DB on Server to another DB on a different server

I'm looking to copy and transfer all the data from 3 tables on our backup server to our live server in 3 new tables. Thru tasks > Import Data, I got close. Stopped when I "couldn't" create new tables for these copied tables. It only allowed me to append into an existing table. Is there a better way?

I just thought of a way which is by first doing a select * into "New Table" with existing data in live server. Then do the task>import data into those new tables and edit mappings to delete rows in destination table.

Is there a better way?

One Way
Linked Servers .. please google search

Second Way
Dump the data into local drive or some drive
From the drive into the database

Third Way
BackUp Restore the DB if it is small

Hope this helps
Good luck

is this a one time thing or continuous process you will be doing again and again?

Thank you. That worked, linked servers.