Converting row data to columns

HI, I've been reading on PIVOT and other ways to transform rows into columns, but am still quite stuck, and could use some help. I've got data like this: (sorry, not sure how to format at this point, so using periods for spacing)

ID Date ....Amount
1 .Jan-15 .100
1 .Feb-15 .100
2 .Feb-15 .150
2 .Mar-15 .150

And need data like this:
ID Jan-15 .Feb-15 .Mar-15
1.. 100 .....100
2 ............. 150 ......150

There can be an undetermined number of values for the date field. Thanks in advance for any advice.


Try search for Dynamic PIVOT.

thank you, that got me on the right track and I found a good example to work from. I know have a working query on my test data, so confident I can get it to execute on the production database. Thanks.


Refer below post. Post has similar example you are looking for