Convert date in ssis

Hey, how would I convert a date from mm/dd/yyyy to mm/dd/yy

DECLARE @date datetime=GETDATE();
SELECT CONVERT(char(10), @date, 101) -- 4 digit year
,CONVERT(char(8), @date, 1) -- 2 digit year

Edit: more formatting options:

2nd edit: This would be the easiest way to format a date if you create a source from a SQL Server table where you can alter the SELECT statement to use CONVERT as described above.

If you need to do it as an SSIS expression, there are date functions available:

Note that if you're import text data formatted as mm/dd/yyyy into a SQL Server date/datetime/datetime2 column, you don't need to convert it, it will be interpreted as a date value if your SQL Server default language is us_english.