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Convert data from this table to other table



I have 2 data table structure and data, as shown below:

I want to transfer data from table1 to table2 like shape. Please help me. Thank you


If you take the trouble to provide consumable test data, someone may show you how to normalize the data with Jeff Moden's DelimitedSplit8K function:


and then how to roll it up again:


@Ifor, I do not think they want to split the data, but append.

@haocaocu, Here is a link that might help. http://sqlperformance.com/2014/08/t-sql-queries/sql-server-grouped-concatenation


Thanks for reply
My sample data in two tables and Fiber2 CongVan TB. I want to use the function or procedure to get the results as TB_User_DocCV table. Thank you!