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Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value '280VDC' to data type int

I work on SQL server 2012 I Face issue display for me as
Msg 245, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value '280VDC' to data type int.
How to solve this issue please

my script as below

  create table #Allfeatures
     ZFeatureKey nvarchar(20),
     IsNumericValue int
     insert into #Allfeatures(ZPLID,ZFeatureKey,IsNumericValue)
     create table #Condition
     Code nvarchar(20),
     ZFeatureKey nvarchar(20),
     ZfeatureType nvarchar(20),
     EStrat  nvarchar(20),
     EEnd NVARCHAR(10)
     insert into #Condition (Code,ZFeatureKey,ZfeatureType,EStrat,EEnd)
     ('8535400000','1505730036',NULL,'>1000',' ')
     CREATE TABLE #PartAttributes
     PartID INT,
     ZFeaturekEY NVARCHAR(20),
     AcceptedValuesOption_Value  INT,
     Name nvarchar(20)
     insert into #PartAttributes(PartID,ZFeaturekEY,AcceptedValuesOption_Value,Name)
             DECLARE @Sql nvarchar(max)
             DECLARE @ConStr nvarchar(max)
                     SET @ConStr=  STUFF((SELECT CONCAT(' Or (PM.ZfeatureKey= ', CC.ZfeatureKey , IIF(CC.ZfeatureType='Qualifications',' And AcceptedValuesOption_Value ' , ' And Name ' ) , CAST(EStrat AS NVARCHAR(2500)),')')   --ValueName
                     FROM #Condition CC INNER JOIN #Allfeatures AL ON AL.ZfeatureKey = CC.ZfeatureKey AND AL.IsNumericValue =0
                     FOR XML PATH(''), TYPE).value('(./text())[1]','varchar(max)'),1,3,'')
                     SET @Sql= CONCAT(' SELECT  PartID,Code,Count(1) as ConCount
                     #PartAttributes PM 
                     INNER JOIN    #Condition Co ON Co.ZfeatureKey = PM.ZfeatureKey ',                
                     'Where (1=1 and ',@ConStr,' ) Group By PartID,Code ' ,
                     ' Having Count(1)>= ',(SELECT COUNT(1) FROM #Condition))
                     EXEC (@SQL)

Within the CONCAT, you need to CAST this:
(SELECT COUNT(1) FROM #Condition)
to nvarchar(max) rather than letting it return an int, as it does by default.

Something like:

' Having Count(1)>= ',CAST((SELECT COUNT(1) FROM #Condition) AS nvarchar(max)))

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