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Conversion error when using SELECT


So, I'm getting a "Msg 241, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string." when I run the following query. What's going on?

    +REPLICATE (' ',714)
    +REPLICATE (' ',1431) 
    (select   e.SSNO as ssno,
    		e.[SCH-BD-DT] as BDFWDT,
    		e.[SCH-ADM-DT] as ADMDT
    		from Manual.dbo.External_Award_Dates_Prep e
    				) sub
      order by 1

The dates in the query are "BDFWDT" and "ADMDT" and are in the table as dates.


Are you able to run the code below with no issue?

In essence you're just building a massive long string, have you tried converting all the elements into VARCHAR before you're concatenating them?


The query you provided does work. I've not tried converting to VARCHAR. Would I need to convert each column, or just the dates?


Start with the dates and if the issue persists, convert the other non string datatypes as well.


How would I get it into MMDDYYYY format?


convert(varchar,e.[SCH-BD-DT], 101) as BDFWDT,

gets me MM/DD/YYYY, but I need it without the slashes.


Nevermind, I used:

replace(convert(varchar,e.[SCH-BD-DT], 101), '/', '') as BDFWDT,