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Conversations for the Yak Corral


Hello fellow yaks. Would like to see more posts in the corral, but I realize everyone is busy.

Sick today - still at work...
Anyway, came in Monday but left after three hours because of a sore throat. Felt better on Tuesday so went to work. Wednesday, did not feel that great but not bad enough to call in sick. Today I feel rotten, but I do not want to take time off as tomorrow I will be off for a funeral.

So trying to concentrate on code with burning eyes and a cough, makes life interesting.

By-the-way I like the new site. Only wish there was a mark as read.

Going to try and go to the SQL Saturday in Columbus OH this weekend if I am doing okay.


I don't know if it is that everyone is too busy, or whether it is because everyone is too nice!! In the past there used to be some good arguments and fist fights that were fun to watch.

I mean that in the nicest way - fist fights over whether one should use NOT IN or NOT EXISTS; whether temp table is better or table variable is better and so on.

But now, nobody posts anything controversial, and even if someone does, others just ignore it and move on. Yeah, may be you are right, everyone is busy! Who doesn't enjoy a good debate when they do have the time for it!?!?


When Brett died, The Yak Corral just wasn't the same. He was the one to start many of the conversations, especially when it was football season (U.S.). He was a die-hard Giants fan.


You should definitely try to hit the SQL Saturday! Tell Allen White I said Hi.

I think difference now is that there are so many ways to chat. Facebook, twitter, skype, etc all dinged into forums. But yeah, I miss the crazy conversations that kicked around.


Went to the SQL Saturday. Liked it, even though I was fighting a cold.

My problems now are 1) how to download the talk slides, I cannot find where to do that, 2) how long do I wait to contact someone about the prize I won?

:smile: 3) How to get the money for PASS :smile:


What price did you win? What did you have to do to win the price - write a complex recursive CTE query within 10 seconds (with the Jeopardy music playing in the background)?


Naw, just a raffle. Won a SQLSentry Power Suite Plus License with 1 year maintenance.