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Constant SQL Server error logged every minute


I'm hoping to find some help troubleshooting a SQL server issue I'm having. We currently had spun up a lab database using a bare metal backup of our current production db server (SQL Server 2008 r2 on Windows Server 2008 r2). After sometime we noticed some performance issues on our production database. It has been logging several Audit Failed Login errors every minute. (Error 18456 Severity 14 State 11). The production server keeps trying to access the lab Master database with a computer account (domain\hostname$) (the hostname is the hostname of the new lab server) with Report Server). I had tried creating the login account in SQL to allow it access to the lab Master database but I get almost the same error but State 38. I'm not sure why the production database is trying to access the spun up lab database. The lab database is not having the same errors. Any insight on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Are you using IIS on the machine?

No, I currently do not have IIS installed on the machine.

To confirm - your production environment is logging audit failed login errors every minute? Or is your lab environment logging these errors?

When you created the new system - I assume you renamed it. Did you rename SQL Server and update the SSRS configuration to use the local server and databases? If not, then the lab system is going to try to contact the production system because that is where it is configured to look for its databases.

Although it is possible to clone or restore a bare metal instance where SQL Server is involved - it is generally much easier and less prone to issue to build new and migrate the databases only. This also gives you the opportunity to correct any setup/configuration issues from prior installations (e.g. moving data/log files - system databases, etc...).

If you are using Enterprise Edition - once the new server started it probably tried to add itself as part of a scale-out implementation. If so then you will also need to cleanup that setup in your production environment.

It was our production environment logging audit failed login errors every minute.

Yes, the new server was renamed but we missed updating the SSRS configuration. The server was not added as a scale-out server.

Thanks for the information. We will most likely build out a new server. After updating the SSRS configuration the errors stopped in the logs.