Connection in different threads interrupted by reboot of mssql sample

I work on Delphi 2010 and mssql 2012. Components for database sdac .I have service working with database and it has several threads . In them it executes different requests to database. Every of these threads had connectiontimeout and commandtimeout , and separate tmsconnection of course. And one time a sample of mssql server itself was rebuted by admin. Operations in main thead had couped with this situation without problem. One of the other threads have written error in its connection and it was worked out, but stopped hang itself just after, I think in the beginning of next iteration. Other threads which had connection only initially worked out this situation without any problems.
Tell me please,is it means during every connection to database in notmain thread i have a risk of hanging if the sample if server would be rebooted in that time, and I can do nothing to protect against.

The server shouldn't reboot because of your connections. Brent Ozar wrote this document what is relevant:

You'll get this tip and others for free when you run his:
sp_Blitz®: Free SQL Server Health Check Script by Brent Ozar

It's not for me to decide unfortunately. I am only a developer in my company, not the main boss. Nobody will ask me before rebooting the sql-server. And when our admin had some hard urgent problems with server he would ask nobody. If i want for my system to be reliable i need to work this situation out. Every such accidental stopping like blow at my professional regulation. Especially when after long period of stability i usually forget many details about this service and this event like earthquake unpredictable and damaging