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Connecting to SQL2008 from windows server 2019

We are migrating an application to run on a windows 2019 server. The application uses a 32 bit odbc connection to read from a database on a SQL 2008 server.

We have been unable to get the odbc connection to work. Everything is working fine when running the application /odbc from windows server 2016 and lower and from windows 10 - but not from windows 2019

We have tried many odbc sql drivers and TLS, SSL, etc settings to no avail.

Has anyone solved or also experienced this issue?

If you are attempting to use an older ODBC driver that is not compatible with TLS 1.2 then it will fail, unless you enable the older TLS protocols on both the client and the server. Can you identify what driver you are trying to use?

I believe the SQL Native Client works with TLS 1.2 and should allow you to connect.