Connecting to SQL Server from externally with proxy server

Hello All,

I have a server running SQL Server 2022 with a couple of instances.
There is the need to grant access to an external supplier working with us on a project.
The idea is: the supplier connects to our sql server on a specific database they need to access.
We have created a configuration on a proxy server running nginx that allows the connection to the local sql server.
However, I cannot reach the database when testing from outside.

Is there any configuration I need to do on the SQL server to allow this hebavior?

Thanks in advance!

Can you try Telnet from the external server to your SQL server.

Hi ahmeds08, thanks for your reply.
I tested telnet and it's not working. It does not work from internally and it does not work from externally.
Any advice?


You need check with your network team.

Is this required? Could you please explain why?

Yes, it is required.
External connections will need to pass through your network firewall on the SQL server port that your SQL server is currently running.
Your network team can help you find if the required firewall rule is in place to allow the connection.

Thank you for that!
I know that the firewall does not allow telnet access.
I'll talk to them to request this.