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Connecting To An Online Database


I recently had my computer replaced with a newer one. I had a connection to an online database. I was using SQL queries to extract data from it. I installed SQL Express 2014 on the new computer. I am now not able to connect to the online database again. I work at a large medical facility and they can't seem to help me. How do I connect to this database? What do I need to know?

Thank you.


The people who provide the database should be able to tell you how to connect to it.




How long is a piece of string?

Someone may be able to help you if you provide more information.
Questions that spring to mind are?

  1. Is the database inside or outside your firewall?
  2. What type of database is it? SQL Server, Oracle etc
  3. What is the database name?
  4. What is the instance name?
  5. What are the logon credentials?

If you are paying for access to the database, your account manager may be able to obtain details.
Maybe the database was acutally on your old machine and needs to be restored onto your new machine.


First try if you can ping the cloud server. If you can ping, then you have a path to the server from your new computer. That does not necessarily mean that you can connect to the server. If you don't get a ping, that does not necessarily mean you don't have a path to the server because some sites disable ping responses.

Find the networking guy or girl in your organization, go over to their desk and ask them if there are any firewall rules preventing you from accessing the outside world and specifically this server, specifically from your new computer. This should be a piece of cake for them to look up. If there are firewall rules that prevent you from accessing that site, have them change the rules to allow it.

If there are no firewall rules on your side that is preventing access, talk to the vendor and ask them if they have specific white-listed IP addresses that are allowed to access their server. It could be that when you replaced the computer, you are accessing the remote server from a new IP address and the vendor has not white-listed this new address.