Connect SQL server 2008 R2 via internet so slow

Hello everyone,
I am deploying an application using SQL server 2008 R2. Application installed on desktop client then connect to SQL server via ip,1433\SQLEXPRESS, but the connection to the SQL server too slow. I try to install SQL server and application on the same desktop, so it ok.
Please help me how to improve SQL connection speed or other solution to deploy SQL server on desktop client.

Thanks you so much!

what web technology are you using? c# .net?
how are you making calls to the sql data? via embedded sql queries or stored procedures?
Show us your slow query or stored procedure
Also provide details about the tables involved in that slow query

Thanks for your reply but my mean is connect to SQL server via internet too slowly than on local. How about the solution to improve connect speed to SQL server via internet. All clients connect to a server.
I am not a developer.

put the developer on line. :grinning: so the recommendation that we can provide would be development related so if you are not a developer, it would be hard to convey a developer based solution .
Maybe I do not understand what you mean connect to SQL server via internet? is this some sort of remote desktop ? please explain more.

yes, I have a server A (window server 2008), I install SQL server there and open port 1433 to connect from internet. An application written by C# installed on a client PC B, this app connect to SQL server on server A (IP server,1433\INSTANCESQL) too slow. If I install SQL server on client PC B, everything is ok.
I want to a solution to improve connect speed via internet, using VPN or something.

Thank you so much

what do you mean here

"I install SQL server there and open port 1433 to connect from internet. " Do you mean from a browser?

If this is an old Client/Server application you do not want to connect to the SQL instance over the internet. (ie Close port 1433.) The Client will need to be installed on the same LAN as SQL Server and then a remote control program used to connect via the internet. (eg MSTSC, Citrix etc)