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Configured T-Replication But No Log Reader Job Was Created


This is 2008

After creating a trans. publication and subscription. I initialized, then ran a Snapshot. The snapshot was generated but not applied to the subscriber.
Repl Monitor shows this:
"The concurrent snapshot for the publication is not available because it has not been fully generated or the Log Reader Agent is not running"

There is no log reader agent job. Why didn't it get created and can I manually create it?


The job would be on the distributor server. Did you check there? Or is the publisher or the subscriber also a distributor?


Thank you, Tara. It is a "pull" type of subscription. Yes I checked on both sides. No Log Reader job was created. I should say this is the 2nd t-repl on these servers. The existing Log Reader is for the original config.


Gotcha. I've only ever used the push type. You might need to redo the subscription setup. Sounds like something got messed up in the config.


I'm going from memory here. But if you have two publications on one database don't you only have one log reader agent? Or is my memory bad?


I think you're right! I've never had more than one subscriber. I've had a publication on a subscriber database (server1-->server2-->server3) but never two subscribers on one publication.


Thanks Tara and Graz. No the 2 repl configs use different databases.
The second one was an experiment by me to learn why the first one broke.
I'll probably tear it all down and rebuild from scratch. It worked for along time then went awry when a login got deleted.