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.Config Help in SQL Server 2014


Hi Gurus,

I need urgent help.
I have SSIS Package in SQL Server 2008 R2. This SSIS Package (.dtsx) I am calling from C#. Everything is working fine no issue so far. In 2008 R2, I am creating .Config file to pass username/password to connect the DB. Like I said everything is working fine without any issue. The package is just reading a flat file and do some transformation and insert that data into SQL Table.
My question is now I am going to migrate this SSIS Package to 2014. Correct me if I am wrong In 2014 we can't create the .config file. Then what should I do to pass SQL Credential? like I did in the .config file.
Please guide me. Let me know if my question is not clear or need more information.

Thank You.



How are you passing credentials while package is getting executed from the server? Are you using configuration/parameters for passing the values?

If you're using SQL Configuration you need to pass password as a config item.


In .Config file, I am saving the value of "SQLServer Name"/UserName/Password.


that will also work in 2014