Compare Values in Same Table

I would like to compare values within the same table so see if there are any price discrepancies between locations. I am brain farting on what to do.....

Item ID --- Store Price
12345 ----- 1 ----- 20.00
12345------ 2 ----- 18.50
ABCD ----- 1 ------ 5.00
ABCD ----- 2 ------ 5.00

I would like to know that there is a discrepancy in prices for item 12345. Anyone have any ideas?

select *
from table1 t1
join table1 t2
on t1.itemid = t2.itemid
where t1.price <> t2.price

Minor point: where t1.price < t2.priceOtherwise you get double the entries: X <> Y and Y <> X

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Thank you. This worked fairly well. I have around 75 stores, so I may need to do some fine tuning, but this definitely helped get me going in the right direction.

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FROM table_name tn
WHERE [Item ID] IN (
    SELECT [Item ID]
    FROM table_name
    GROUP BY [Item ID]
    HAVING MIN(Price) <> MAX(Price) )