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Compare the two text fields of two different tables

HI Friends,

I have a table x with field Address and table y with fields customer_Address., Customer_Name etc

I want to compare tables x and y on the address fields and grab Customer_name . But the address field in x and Customer_address field in y may few of the strings in slight different manner . I want to do the best of comparison.

Please suggest some good ways to do it.

This is what I have done but seems to be very slow.

SELECT x.StreetAddress,y.FULL_ADDRE,t.CITY,x.city,x.LATITUDE,x.LONGITUDE from
inner join
on x.StreetAddress LIKE '%' + y.FULL_ADDRE + '%'
and x.City LIKE '%' + y.City + '%'
where x.StateId =22

Please post table scripts and sample data,so that it is easy to help and you get the desired result.

You'll need sample data there. The query you posted seems to imply that the "y" table holds the data in exactly the same format, somewhere in the middle of a string ie with garbage either side of it.

Is this the case? I assume this is for a data cleansing exercise, and to fix the data structure?