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Combining Multiple Row Values into Single Row-SQL DB2 VR6R1

In DB2 VR7R1, I can use the xmlserialize, xmlagg, xmltext commands to combine several rows of output into a single row. However, these commands don't work on DB2 V6R1. Does anyone know of an alternative to achieve the same result?

Based on the documentation I could find:

V6 doesn't have any kind of non-numeric aggregate functions. Also based on this:

It doesn't support user-defined aggregate functions either, at least not that I can determine. Looks like you'd have to write a stored procedure to achieve this.

FYI SQLTeam.com is a Microsoft SQL Server focused site, we're not DB2 experts.

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Thank you for your help Robert!

Cool. I've been looking for that set of documentation even though I didn't know I was looking for it. Thank you!