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Column Delimiter in Double Quote


I have large csv files with column delimiters in double-quoted field. Here is an example -

10,test 1,2015-07-24
11,"test 2, 3, and 4",2015-07-24
12,test 5,2015-07-24

How may I load the files into a SQL table?



Use Import/Export Wizard. To launch the wizard, right click on the database name in SSMS object explorer, Tasks->Import Data. Select Flat File Source. In the Text Qualifier field, instead of the default , type in double quote.

If this is a regular operation you will be doing, you can save the package, and run it. You can edit it in Business Intelligence Development Studio and make changes later on if you want to change the source file name etc.


It doesn't work with my SQL Server 2012 Import/Export wizard (64-bit). The number 3 that supposed to be in Description shows up in Date column.


Sorry, I guess you must mean to type in ", not the word double quote. Yes it works.