I am wondering if it is possible to concatenate a parameter in the cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue.
In this case the update_table would be written '08-01-2020

I am updating the DB to a new date 1 year in the future which will be used to check against and then kick a reminder up that the date is approaching. That part of the code works fine. I'm not sure how to concatenate, properly, the value to be written.

DECLARE @reportYear int = YEAR(getdate()) + 1

                                UPDATE Last_Update_table
                                SET FHU = @fhu")

            cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@fhu", SqlDbType.DateTime), value = "08-01-" + "@reportYear"

            cmd.Connection = con

This sounds like a vb question. You need to start using stored procedures.
Also why do you have a static value of 08-01 or is that just a sample.

I am building Stored procedures thus why it looks like I'm asking a lot of question. Apologize for that.

The STATIC value needs to be exactly that. Each year on 08-01-yyyy I need to be reminded to file Federal paperwork. Once the paperwork s filed then I check it off as complete and I want to write the next year's "reminder date" so it is not overlooked again.

No need to apologize just asking. When you call this vb code what is the value of @fhu