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Cluster Service won't start, noobie help!

Hey SQL Team,

I am working to instantiate a cluster and having a issue starting the cluster service. I browsed all the article hits with keyword from the error message without any luck.... and so humbled I wanted to field the ask to the throngs of intellectual people within this enclave.

Error message:

windows could not start the cluster service on the local computer. for more information, review the system event logs. if this is a non-Microsoft..........

event log

the cluster service could not be started. an attempt to read config registry failed....

The registry start value is 2, we have uninstalled WFC and readded the feature following a reboot...

We cannot start the install because the ms sql bootstrap bombs out starting the cluster service is not started...

I would greatly appreciate any advice past find a new profession :confused:


While you can install SQL Server as a Failover Cluster Instance (FCI) it does require a fully functioning Windows Cluster to be present. This may be me misinterpreting your information in the post but have you actually set up at least a single node cluster in Windows. Merely adding the Failover Clustering feature doesn't actually create a cluster.

I unreservedly apologise if I have misinterpreted your post and you have in fact set up the windows cluster.

If you already have the Windows Cluster set up then have you opened the Failover Cluster Manager and confirmed the cluster itself is happy?