ClearTraceXE 55 beta release

I updated ClearTraceXE to support any version of SMO from SQL Server 2012 on. All you need to do is edit the config file to specify the version you have installed. See the README for details. Please let me know if you have any feedback or concerns.

You can read more about the application at ClearTrace gives you an easy way aggregate all the events in Extended Event files and see which consume the most resources.

I created an xel file based on sql_batch_completed and rpc_completed events and imported the data Files to process: 1 ( 279 KB )
Clearing Target Tables...

Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfoExtended: Assembly= File=13.0.15000.23 ((SSMS_Rel).160521-0322) Product=13.0.15000.23
Microsoft.SqlServer.XEvent.Linq: Assembly= File=2015.0130.1601.05 ((SQL16_RTM).160429-2226) Product=13.0.1601.5
Microsoft.SqlServer.XE.Core: Assembly= File=2015.0130.1601.05 ((SQL16_RTM).160429-2226) Product=13.0.1601.5

Processing: MladenTest_0_132118006947630000.xel

Extended Events Read: 67
Summary Rows Saved: 0
File Process Time (seconds): 0.0

Saving Lookup Data...
Import Time (seconds): 0.0
KB per Second: 18,600
but in Query the Imported Files there is nothing to display. I can read the contents of the file using the management studio . What am I doing wrong?

And this is fixed in build 56 which is available at