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ClearTrace Build 50 Released


ClearTrace (Build 50) is available at http://www.scalesql.com/cleartrace/download.html

This version should support any version of SMO on your machine. Remember that if you're using SQL Server 2016 you'll need to install SSMS separately. That's the bit that installs the parts of SMO that handle trace files.

One change that I've been using and enjoying is a new way to sort the results. There's a "CPU + Reads" sort. It ranks all the statements based on CPU and then based on Reads. It adds the two together and sorts the results in that order. That seems to do a better job surfacing interesting results than just CPU or Reads alone. I'm curious to see what people think of this sort. I may make it the default in the future.

There's also a minor fix to better parse SQL in the form of:

EXEC sp_executesql @statement=N'SELECT 1'