ClearTrace Application Error

When trying to connect to our db, I get the following CT error:

Last Exception: There is already an object named 'CTTrace' in the database.

I thought I had connected before but its been a while. It asks me to upgrade after I make the connection and that is when I get that error. Any ideas on a fix for this?

What version on you using? Can you post a screenshot of the About dialog box?

Is the version with the error the same version you used before?

And are you using the Trace or XE version?

Sure, I am using version 51.


Pretty sure its the same version as prior. We received it as a tool from our medical records provider to find SQL issues when we have EMR issues.

I assume it is the Trace version but not 100%

Any updates here?

The official files are here: ClearTrace - Identify slow queries - scaleSQL Consulting

What version of SQL Server are you using? Build "51" is the last ClearTrace build that support trace files.

Do you need the history? The simplest approach is to point it at a new database (delete or rename the old one). If that doesn't work I'm going to need to spend some time troubleshooting.

The challenge is that Microsoft is gradually reducing "trace" from SQL Server and replacing it with Extended Events. So Build 51 is the last "trace" build and doesn't get a lot of love :frowning: