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Cleartrace 51 crashes after parsing a file and exiting the application

Hello, I am noticing an issue that is occurring after a trace file is parsed and is viewable within Cleartrace. Once finished, either going through File -> Exit or the X to close the application, cleartrace is crashing. I obtained a dump file of the crash and went through it. It appears that there is a method related to the XML File Writer being closed after the clr!DisableRuntime is called and associated methods to exit the application. If the CLR connection is closed in this fashion and the application is still trying to execute code after doing so, then this could be part of the issue. I can submit the memory dump file and associated debug information as needed.

Workflow to replicate:

  1. Open ClearTrace.
  2. Browse to a trace file and process it.
  3. Attempt to close ClearTrace.

suggest you repost here

Well that doesn't sound great. You email me directly if you'd like. My email is graz at this domain. Or you can zip it up and attach it here. Either way.

Do you know what version you're running on?