Chilkat w/ SQL Server 2012

I am having an issue with Chilkat and executing the below block of code. This worked in 2008 and now that we have moved to 2012 I get "invalid class string" at @description and an error of 99. I am thinking that something changed when upgrading to 2012 but I am unsure of what and I am still pretty new to SQL Server.

Thank you in advance for your help.

EXEC @hr = sp_OACreate 'ChilkatDotNet4.Upload', @upload OUT
select @hr
If @hr <> 0
	PRINT 'Failed to create ActiveX component'

	-- Added to help troubleshooting.
	EXEC @HR = sp_OAGetErrorInfo
    @Source OUT,
    @Description OUT;
	select @hr, @source, @Description
	SET @result = 99
	SELECT @result

Is not a SQL Server message. It sounds like a .NET message.

Where do you see the error message? Can you post a screen shot?

I am unable to post images/screen shots. That said, that is coming back in the

select @hr, @source, @Description

In SSMS? OK I've seen that when mixing SSMS versions. Sometimes I have to reboot to ensure I'm only running one version.

Yes, in SSMS. It's in a stored procedure

To add, the value of @hr is -2147221005 after the sp_OACreate line.