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Changing shared data source credentials of Report Builder


I have a few reports on the report server which uses a couple of shared data sources. I make modifications with them using Report Builder and any changes I make will be updated on the production environment right away. They are RDL files.

We've changed the SQL password of the user they use recently and I need to change the shared data sources so they have the correct credentials, but they're greyed out. If I go to the data source's properties and then select its credentials, it looks like:
shared datasource 1

If I go to the report center and then click on the elipsis (top right corner) of one of the reports, then Manage, the Shared datasets section is greyed out.

I was wondering where else could the credentials of the data source be defined?


When you are using a shared datasource, you have to change the actual shared datasource if there is a change. Are you absolutely certain you are opening the datasource RDS file because it looks like you are trying to do it from the RDL. If the datasource was defined there then that would be where you would make the change, but since you are using a SHARED DATA SOURCE, you have to change the credential information in the RDS file which is the shared data source. Does that make sense?