Change a parameter to NULL after different Parameter is Selected

I have 3 parameters, 1-3. Lets say parameters 1 and 2 have selected default values upon running the report. Then if a user selects and populates parameter 3, Is it possible to change params 1 and 2 to NULL so only parameter 3 will be used as criteria?

Thanks for any help!

I'm not sure why you want this. I only know examples that based on parameter1, parameter2 will change and parameter3 can change. For example. select country in first paramater, state in second and city in the thirth parameter.

I'm not sure your users will like the report if the 3th parameter is filled parameter 1 and 2 will be changed. You can write a statement like this: WHERE (Pa1=@parameter1 AND pa2=@parameter2) OR pa3=@parameter3.

If you really want this exception I would try to do it with SSRS custom code but I would not recommend it. I would recommand to say "I'm sorry, that's not possible out-of-the-box, it would cost me several hours maybe days to programming it." :wink:


WHERE (parameter_3 IS NULL AND column_a = parameter_1 AND column_b = parameter_2) OR
    (parameter_3 = column_c)

Thanks Scott, I'll give that a try!

Thanks for the response! Yes, I know, they get a bit crazy with their requests!