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Central Management Servers - Default Instances Will Not Register

Hi experts, this is for MSSQL 2014
I have had great success using CMS for most of my SQL Servers.
BUT the default instances (MSSQLSERVER) will not register successfully. On every one of them I get error
"Provider: SQL Network Interfaces, error 25 - Connection string is not valid. Error 87. The parameter is incorrect."
I have several default instances and none of them register successfully in CMS so I'm sure it's something very obvious. Any ideas? Thanks

for default instance, you do not need to type "MSSQLSERVER" as the instance name, just the server name will do, and it should allow you to register.

Hope this helps

Thanks, Dennisc. I have tried it both ways - with and without "MSSQLSERVER". I have also tried a fully-qualified path servername.domain

I WAS able to register default instances. By simply entering the server name, without domain etc. That worked We can close this one Thanks