CASE Statement to Categorize Data Request

Can someone help with a case statement that will turn the sample table below to appear as follows:

At the moment the table looks as follows:

Sample data is as follows:

CREATE TABLE #tmpTable (
    Channel nvarchar(50),
    Months nvarchar(50),
    Total Sales int)

(N'Social Media',N'Jan',1025),
(N'Social Media',N'Feb',925),
(N'Social Media',N'Mar',769),
(N'Social Media',N'Apr',555),
(N'Social Media',N'May',412),
(N'Social Media',N'Jun',325),
(N'Social Media',N'Jul',341),
(N'Social Media',N'Aug',495),
(N'Social Media',N'Sep',949),
(N'Social Media',N'Oct',1126),
(N'Social Media',N'Nov',1273),
(N'Social Media',N'Dec',1067),

SELECT * FROM #tmpTable

Thank you for providing sample data in a consumable form!

Assuming a lot here but try this:

  FROM #tmpTable As t
	CASE t.Channel
		WHEN 'Online' THEN 1
		WHEN 'Social Media' THEN 2
		WHEN 'Outlet' THEN 3
		WHEN 'Stores' THEN 4
		ELSE 5 END, MONTH(t.Months + '1 2024')

Hi James,

Thanks for getting in touch. However, your code didn't solve the problem.

Ok... so what is the reason for the Channel name appearing in totally different months for each channel? Is there some significance to that? If so, what is it please? If not, then which month do you want the Channel name to show up in for each Channel?