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Case statement not returning results correctly

The case statement in this SQL statement is not returning the correct results. It is returning all 1's.
Can someone point me in the direction where I am going wrong with this. It run's so it's not a syntax error.

Can anyone see what I am doing wrong? When I run this query, it always returns 1. (Even though I have records that have a created_date after 4:30 pm.

SELECT [accession_no] AS [Accession Number],
[created_date] AS [Date Case Created]/

WHEN CONVERT(TIME(0), created_date) <= '16:30:00'
END) AS 'Casesbefore430'

FROM [PowerPath].[dbo].[accession_2] a
WHERE (created_date >= '02/01/2022' AND created_date <= DATEADD(dd, 1, '2/22/2022'))

I found my issues. Thank you!

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What was the issue?