Case in where clause

Is there a way to add the last line in the code?

declare @requestorid int = 44997,
@recordid int = 152810,
@minMax int = 0

SELECT a.dateentered, 
FROM   dbo.tbltrkrecordlog AS a 
	   INNER JOIN (SELECT Max(t.recordid)    AS recordid, 
						  case when @minMax =1 then max(t.dateentered) else min(t.dateentered) end changeDate,
						  max(SUBSTRING(e.firstname, 1, 1) + SUBSTRING(e.middleinitial, 1, 1) + SUBSTRING(e.lastname, 1, 1)) initials 
				   FROM   dbo.tbltrkrecordlog t
				   left join tblemployee e on = t.employeeid
				   WHERE  ( t.recordid = @recordid ) 
				   GROUP  BY t.customfieldid) AS b 
			   ON a.customfieldid = b.customfieldid 
				  AND a.dateentered = b.changeDate 
	   INNER JOIN dbo.tbltrkcustomfield AS c 
			   ON a.customfieldid =
where c.namekey = 'hprmprcorrectiveactionsneededtakennotes'
--and case when @minMax =1 then max(t.dateentered) else min(t.dateentered) end

No. But you don't need to add that, you can instead use column changeDate, which already contains that value from the inner query.

Sorry. Not sure what ya mean

It's not clear what you're trying to do with that "last line in the code".

If you're trying to add something to the WHERE clause, then (1) MIN/MAX can only be compared in a HAVING clause, not a WHERE clause and (2) there's no comparison in your CASE statement, only a single column. It'd be like saying "WHERE A" on a query.

However, since you have the same CASE statement in the "b" table definition, and the name "changeDate" was assigned there, if you wanted to you add:
"and b.changeDate ..." to the outer WHERE clause.

But it would be more efficient to add it as a HAVING clause in the inner query, since SQL would screen out rows more quickly.

No. I want to take it out of the select. It works for the date but not the name