Capacity planning


I am assigned to migrate the databases from SQL Standard 2012 /2014 to SQL Enterprise 2016.
Around 20 production databases with different database sizes comes all togther 500gb. In these 20 dbs only 3 databases are having maximum IO. In these 3 dbs one is around 300gb and other 2 dbs are 100gb and 50 gb. And rest of the database sizes are in MB & no such IO operations.
To build the new server i need to give all CPU,HardDisk,Memory, etc details to my boss. so that he will create new VM. Once he creates the new VM then i will install SQL 2016. next i will take backups one by one and restore it in destination new server.
For this how should i calculate capacity planning like (core,cpu,harddisk,storage etc.)
Pls guide me follow some best practice to build new server. What are the things i need to takecare while suggesting the server and SQL capacity planning?

Thanks in advance.

You'll definitely want to look into data compression, which will cut down the total data size anyway.

In general, I'd say your new system will be 25-35% overall more efficient handling the data just because of the data compression, slightly more for I/O specifically.

If you compress (almost) all large tables in the db, you don't want to compress the SQL backup itself.