Can't restore a backup db

My main computer has problems, so I transferred my solution to a new one, and all is well except for the database, I can not access the database from the program. I have a back up on an external hard drive, but I can't get it to restore to the new computer. I've tried restoring it to the original name, and to a new database, neither worked. I get the following errors:

Restore of database 'D:\DataFiles 092015\DVD_List.mdf' FAILED.

Additional Information:

1.System.Data.SQLClient.SQLError: The operating system returned the error'5(Access is Dinied.)' while attempting 'Restore Container::Validate target for dreation' on 'D:\Data Files 092015\DVD_List.mdf',(Microsoft.SQLServer.SMOExtended)

Short of completely recreating tthe database and hand entering the 672 records I'm at a stand still.

Anybody have any help?

Have a look at the answer to this question.

Check the 'Relocate all files to folder' from the 'Files' section

I am running SSMS 2014 and it doesn't have that setup, this is what mine looks like

DUH... FILES menu..Got it.. Sorry. Will work on it. Thanks Jason, as soon as I get my head on straight I'll follow up with you.