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Can't open my database in SSMS 2018

I have the following problem when I open SQL Server Management Studio and want to access the .... Database.
As you have seen before, this problem does not occur when i log in as an administrator.
Database is present in SSMS.

When I click on the β€œ+” to open the tables, Views, .... I get the following message:
The Database ...... is not accessible. (ObjectExplorer).
When I create a query in SSMS with the following statement: USE database then i get the error :slight_smile:The server principal "DESKTOP-BBB7SSS" is not able to access the database "....." under the current security context.
I understand the error but I don't know how and where to fix it.
Thank you

The login you are using doesn't have required permissions on the instance and database.
Ask your DBA to give the required access.