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Can't open mdb file


I have a database in mdb format that will not open. When I try to open

the file I get an error:
"The Microsoft Access database engine stopped the process because you

and another user are attempting to change data at the same time"

I was the only user accessing the database and this occurred after a


Any ideas on how to get the db working again?


Personally I hate the inconsistency and would have preferred MS has NOT "fixed" this when DATE datatype was introduced.



Were you trying to reply to my comment in another thread (which you appear to have quoted :slight_smile: )


The repair method attempts to recover only the tables, indexes and queries in the database. Do not attempt to repair damaged forms, reports, macros and modules. Before executing the Compact and Repair tool, please ensure the following condition:

  1. Do not open Access database must closed
  2. Sufficient storage space available - minimum double in size of your Access database on that Disk.
  3. Close the .mdb file related to .ldb file before you delete the .ldb file.
  4. Then Run the Compact and Repair tool
  5. Visit some helpful resources for getting more info..