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Can't login with new user

I am new to SQL administration, so I apologize if my question is not stimulating enough.
Here is the problem:I have SQL installed on my computer. I cannot figure out why I cannot login (SQL Server Authentication) with a new user I have just created.
Thank you in advance.


it could be several issues .. you can google search .. lot of different solutions ( in articles are there )

please see if this below link ,, is your issue .. and resolves it

I googled, but nothing worked. Only in the link you sent me I found the solution: I had to Open up Services, stop and restart them (I my had my services set on Manual as Start Mode - I don't know if that made a difference or not). Bottom line: problem solved. Thank you very, very much.

i myself have experienced this

Many Many Times

have no idea ,, how .. but it works ..

Getting into why it works or why it does not work

  • testing
  • sample data
  • graphs
  • environments
  • settings
  • certifications
  • latency
  • power outages
    etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

Is a whole ANOTHER ball game