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Can't load old database to visual studio 2013 data access


I went to data access and put in add sql database. It told me that I had to install sql 2008 express. I am using sql 2012 and the database looks fine. The database was written in 2009 and I am using web.com to hold the database.
Since it is connected on 2012 how to I load it into my visual studio 2013 project.
Thank you


According to your host, it runs mysql.


Web com runs my web site when it is up and running. I am paying a monthly fee and the database is still working. I can load it just using sql 2012 but can't hook it up to the project using visual studio 2013. I am in the process of updating the project.
Right now if I want to change anything in the database, I go to sql 2012 and change it.