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Cant figure of proper syntax


Hello everyone I am trying to figure out a question that i just can't get the answer to i hope that someone can help. Ok

I need to look at entries in a database for all transactions on a certain date. Transactions are recorded in two tables, ‘transactions’ containing data about the transaction generally, and transaction_item, which holds each line item in a transaction. The common field (foreign key in the transaction_item table) that relates the two tables is ‘trans_id’. Show a SELECT query that will retrieve the following fields in each row of the result: From ‘transaction’, the trans_date, trans_total, and payment_method columns; from transaction_item, price and item_code and i have to join the two tables appropriately.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help.


Looks like homework. You need to make an attempt and post what you've got, working or not.


Yea you got me. Alright let me see what i can come up with and ill post it. Thanks for not making it too easy for me and I'm not being facetious i really do mean that. ok ill be back.


Some general guidelines are OK. The general structure you need to use is this:

SELECT t.<col_name>, t.<col_name2>, ..., ti.<col_name1>, ...
FROM transaction AS t --it's common to "alias" tables so you can reference them with a shorter name
INNER JOIN transaction_item AS ti ??you need to fill in this part??

When using more than one table in a query, always prefix a column with its table's alias, even if a given column name only appears in one of the tables for now. That is definitely a best practice for writing SQL.